Beckett School violin Instructor Alec Catherwood. Alec Catherwood
RSVP (Recorder, Singing, Violin & Piano), Strings
Beckett School Instructor Anita Noel. Anita Noel
Anne Lukaszewicz, Music Therapist & Voice Instructor Anne Lukaszewicz, Music Therapist
Music Therapy, Voice
Catherine Freitag-Hewson
Piano, Piano Facility Course
Beckett School Instructor Catherine Gardner. Catherine Gardner
Music and Drama Magic (Full Day) 2018, Voice
Beckett School Instructor Christine Klaver-Schmidt. Christine Klaver-Schmidt
Beckett School Instructor Corinne Dutton. Corinne Dutton
Cynthia Hiebert, Piano Teacher at Beckett School at Laurier Cynthia Hiebert
Beckett School Instructor Dan Beacock. Dan Beacock
Beckett School Instructor, Dorion Carmichael Dorion Carmichael
Elizabeth Norris
Beckett School Instructor Ella Weber. Ella Weber
Eric Dettweiler, Trumpet Instructor, Beckett School at Laurier Eric Dettweiler
Brass - Trumpet
Beckett School Instructor Greg Stroh. Greg Stroh
Flute, Flute/Piccolo/Recorder
Beckett School Instructor Jeff Enns. Jeffrey Enns
Early Childhood Music Teacher Jennifer Stacey Jennifer Stacey
Early Childhood Music
Beckett School Instructor Julia Dixon. Julia Dixon
Beckett School Instructor, Justyna Szajna Justyna Szajna
Katherine Napiwotzki, Voice Teacher, Beckett School at Laurier Katherine Napiwotzki
Kevin Lee, Piano Kevin Lee
Piano, RSVP (Recorder, Singing, Violin & Piano)
Laila Haight, Violin instructor, Beckett School at Laurier, PP Laila Haight
Beckett School Instructor Larry Moser. Larry Moser
Clarinet/Saxophone, RSVP (Recorder, Singing, Violin & Piano)
Dr. Laurel Swinden, Suzuki Flute Laurel Swinden
Flute, Suzuki Flute
Lorin Shalanko, Beckett School at Laurier Piano teacher Lorin Shalanko
Beckett School Instructor Magdalena Tomsinska. Magdalena Tomsinska
Beckett School Instructor Mark Gardner. Mark Gardner
Speech Arts and Drama, Voice
Beckett School Instructor Mark Norris. Mark Norris
Beckett School Instructor Marlin Nagtegaal.  Marlin Nagtegaal
Piano, Theory - Rudiments
Beckett School Instructor Marnie Van Weelden. Marnie Van Weelden
Mary-Catherine McNinch Pazzano, Jazz Workshop Instructor, Beckett School at Laurier Mary-Catherine McNinch Pazzano
Jazz for Adults 2018
Michael Steinberg
Nichole Robertson
Music Explorers 2018, Music Explorers + Artshine (Full Day) 2018, Music Mania + Artshine (Full Day) 2018, Music Mania 2018, Piano
Beckett School Instructor Peter de Sousa Portrait. Peter de Sousa
Peter Nikiforuk
Piano, Theory - Rudiments
Beckett School Instructor Rebecca McKay Portrait. Rebecca McKay
RSVP (Recorder, Singing, Violin & Piano), Voice
Rebekah Jordan Miller, Piano Instructor and Music Therapist Rebekah Jordan-Miller, Music Therapist
Music and Drama Magic (Full Day) 2018, Music Therapy, Piano
Beckett School Instructor Robert Aszmies Portrait. Robert Aszmies
2018 Private Theory Instruction - Theory (levels 1-8), Harmony, Harmony & Counterpoint, History, Analysis & Composition, Harmony & Counterpoint - Level 10 (formerly Int. Harmony), Harmony - Level 9 (formerly Basic Harmony), History - Level 10 (formerly History 2), History - Level 9 (formerly History 1), Piano, Theory - Level 7 (formerly Intermediate Rudiments), Theory - Level 8 (formerly Advanced Rudiments), Theory - Rudiments
Beckett School Instructor Roselynn Reed Portrait. Roselynn Reed
Sarah Cardwell, Oboe Instructor, Beckett School at Laurier Sarah Cardwell
Shane Guse, fiddle instructor, Beckett School at Laurier Shane Guse
Beckett School Instructor Shannon Rutherford Portrait. Shannon Rutherford
Music Explorers 2018, Music Explorers + Artshine (Full Day) 2018, Music Mania + Artshine (Full Day) 2018, Music Mania 2018, Piano
Sonia Nadeau, Artshine Summer Programs Sonia Nadeau
Arts 50+ Program, Artshine - Classic Art with a Modern Twist 2018, Artshine - Pirates and Ocean Creatures 2018
Beckett School Instructor Sue Doran Portrait Sue Doran
Tamara Menon, Carnatic Music Voice Lessons Tamara Menon
Voice - Carnatic Music
Beckett School Instructor Terrance Kroetsch Portrait. Terry Kroetsch
Piano, Theory - Rudiments