Rebecca McKay

Beckett School Instructor Rebecca McKay Portrait.
9 weeks of 30 mins ($238) 45 mins ($357) 60 mins ($476) RSVP $495/28 weeks


REBECCA McKAY , a Kitchener native, holds a Bachelor's of Music in voice and Music Education from Wilfrid Laurier University where she specialized in choral leadership under Dr. Lee Willingham. She has recently completed a Master of Arts in Community Music, her research interests look at the intersections and of Community Music, post-modern music education practices and the traditional Conservatory Educational models. Prior to her post-secondary studies, Rebecca studied at the Beckett School with Cherry Fraser in Voice and Marlin Nagtegaal on Piano and Organ. She has been an active choral singer singing with the Laurier Singers' Chamber Choir, Spiritus Ensemble, Da Capo Chamber Choir and is an active recitalist. She has also conducted numerous ensembles including masterclasses with the Elora Festival Singers. Rebecca is Program Coordinator for Community Music School of Waterloo Region.

Rebecca sings in a variety of genres and styles and considers herself a cross-over artist. From Bach to Bacharach, Rebecca takes influence from Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop and Rock genres. She also writes, and performs with her Alternative Rock band ...And More, whose music is influenced by prog-rock, grunge/punk, metal, and jazz styles. She is at home teaching in classical and pop genres, focusing heavily on the use of classical technique and its applications to Pop and Musical Theatre singing. She has coached students through songwriting and covering their favourite artists. She wants her students to be able to encompass the style and technique applicable to any genre they might wish to sing in. In classical music, Rebecca has studied the solo vocal works of Bach (and extensively studied historical Baroque performance), German Lieder with a renewed interest in French melodie. 

Her studio focuses on sound vocal technique and healthy singing. Rebecca strives to help students to find their own voice and personal musicianship through personal inquiry and observation.