Visual Arts

"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"  Pablo Picasso

Ages 5-7
This program is designed for the budding artist who wants to express themselves in a creative way.  Learning with us has many different aspects. It happens through experiencing colours and textures of various materials. Students develop new skills by experimenting with artistic mediums and techniques.  They create amazing art projects, free to make mistakes, and having the opportunity to learn from them. In a fun and friendly environment our students satisfy their curiosity and discover
how to bring ideas to life.
Ages 8-10
Creativity exist in everyone!
Please come join us for a 6-week course of creative adventure!  Our program is intended for young artists who are willing to challenge themselves to new levels.
We offer introduction to the fundamentals of art, like drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media. We explore concepts of inspiration and design, encouraging students to put their imagination to work in this wonderful process of art making. Our students participate in activities that promote problem solving, helping each other which gives them opportunity to also learn from one another.

Ages 11-13
Come with us and get inspired!
Our program challenges students to master their artistic skills through a comprehensive training.  They explore painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed-media more in-depth.  In a supportive environment our students practice to control tools and gestures and are encouraged to reach beyond a certain level of competence.  They not only work to develop technique that will take basics to the next level, but also learn about the world of art, basics of history of art, great masters and get inspired by them.



Term Description: 

Tuesday, November 8 - December 13

Wednesday, November 9 - December 14

 Each class is 1.5 hours.  Class size minimum 3 students

If enough interest a second offering of 6 weeks will run beginning in January.

$240 for 6 weeks
Beckett School at Laurier, main branch
190 Lester Street Suite 5B
Phone: 519 578-3640


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Beckett School Instructor Monica Szymczak Portrait. Monika Szymczak
Visual Arts - $240/6 weeks, Summer Camps - $120 for half-day camp