Monika Szymczak

Beckett School Instructor Monica Szymczak Portrait.
M. FA.
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Visual Arts - $240/6 weeks, Summer Camps - $120 for half-day camp

Monika Szymczak is an artist and a designer with European background and education.

Over the years her passion for fine arts allowed her to explore vast artistic fields and to experience various aspects of creative expression.

Monika was born in Poland, where she obtained a Master Degree of Fine Arts majoring in Textile Design. Her comprehensive training in diverse techniques included painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. This broad spectrum of genres resulted in Monika's wide-ranging interests in different media and areas of artistic engagement.

Monika worked as a commissioned artist, a textile designer and an art teacher.

She finds inspiration in shapes and colours of nature, and in people, who have stories to tell.