Anita Noel

Beckett School Instructor Anita Noel.
BMus, Opera Diploma
Courses Taught: 
9 weeks of 30 mins. ($253) 45 mins. ($380) 60 mins. ($506)


I admit it. I am obsessed with the human voice. It all began innocently enough. As an accompanist for various choirs, I was often called upon to fill in when someone didn’t show. It soon became apparent that singers conceptualize pitch and keys differently than instrumentalists. Most singers don’t read music, so how were they managing to find and memorize the forms and patterns there, and still come in at the right time?

            Some just attach themselves to the words, of course, going up or down, or hanging on when they came to a certain syllable. And yet, words can be fairweather friends, nuancing a feeling perfectly for a moment, then stopping a high note in its tracks the next. Each style has its peculiarities, too. Why are so many people drawn to speech singing? How is it different from traditional methods? What exactly is a blues note, or a bridge, and just how easy is it to sing in Italian? Everyone knows that the flow of air is really, really important. Too fast or too slow, and your tuning can go pfft! Do singers really think about all this stuff when they get onstage, or is it just natural to a few? I was hooked.

            I believe almost everyone can sing. There are perfectly mechanical reasons for many of those occasional, wierd flips and blips that can happen. And yet, one can be perfectly, technically proficient, and it still isn’t singing. You have to find a way to bare your soul, without overwhelming your voice. Of course, some students have no interest in performing for anyone. Ever. They come to satisfy their curiosity and their souls, without reference to another persons idea of what is right or beautiful.

            And so it should be. Your voice print is your own. If you want to explore its possibility, I can help you. Our school has plenty of opportunities for you to test out the theories, too, should you choose to. Age is no barrier. You don’t have to read music. Just take a nice, juicy breath, and go for it!