RSVP (Recorder, Singing, Violin & Piano)


For students who desire to sample a variety of musical possibilities.

This wonderful introductory program at the Beckett School is an opportunity for students, ages 7 to 10, to explore different areas of music.  Students will be introduced to a variety of musical disciplines while continuing to grow their musicianship skills. 

The goal of this program is to introduce students to several different areas of music so they may choose the path that is the most engages them.

This 28 week program will be divided into 4 semesters with each semester devoted to a different area of study.  Every 7 weeks there will be a mini recital when the students can show the parents what they have learned and at that time they are introduced to the next teacher and discipline.  Give us a call, 519 578-3640 or email if you are interested in participating in this very exciting program.


Term Description: 

Total course length is 28 weeks.  Cost $495.00

Course begins Friday, September 22nd, 5 - 6:00 pm.

7 - 10 year olds
$495 for 28 weeks
Main Branch, Beckett School at Laurier
190 Lester Street
Phone: 519 578-3640


Namesort descending
Beckett School violin Instructor Alec Catherwood. Alec Catherwood
8 weeks of 30 mins. ($318) 45 mins. ($477) 60 mins. ($636)
Kevin Lee, Piano Kevin Lee
9 weeks of 30 min. ($238) 45 min. ($357) or 60 min. ($476)
Beckett School Instructor Larry Moser. Larry Moser
9 weeks of 30 mins. ($261) 45 mins. ($392) 60 mins. ($522)
Beckett School Instructor Rebecca McKay Portrait. Rebecca McKay
9 weeks of 30 mins ($238) 45 mins ($357) 60 mins ($476) RSVP $495/28 weeks