Tamara Menon

Tamara Menon, Carnatic Music Voice Lessons
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An introduction to the 72 Melakarta raga system and the basic tala system.

9 weeks of 30 min. ($231) 45 min. ($347) or 60 min. ($462)

Tamara Menon is an international Community Music student at Laurier who aspires to become a Music Therapist. From the age of four, she has had the privilege of receiving training in Indian classical music. Tamara has trained in Carnatic Music (South Indian classical) music as well as Hindustani music (North Indian classical music). She was a recording artist and stage performer in Mumbai, India from 2010-2016. She has also been a Music Appreciation facilitator at a high school and worked as a choir-leader for five years for an organization called Songbound that provided music sessions and created performance opportunities for underprivileged children in the red light district and at a school for cancer patients.