The oboe is a beautiful woodwind instrument that is played with a double reed. Oboists are specialized musicians that not only learn musical techniques, but also the art of reed making. Working with an experienced and knowledgable teacher on your journey to competence is so important! Private lessons will help students to set goals, build confidence, stay motivated, and learn quickly. There are many  elements to consider when learning to play the oboe. Oboe lessons will focus on developing musicianship, a good embouchure, breath control, proper fingering, posture, tone quality, and reed making skills. 


Term Description: 

The school year consists of 36 lessons divided into four nine-week terms.  (Unless otherwise indicated.)  Fees for each term for private lessons for 30/45/60 minutes are listed below. 

9 weeks of 30 mins. ($253) 45 mins. ($380) 60 mins. ($506)
Main Branch, Beckett School at Laurier
190 Lester Street
Phone: 519 578-3640