History - ARCT (formerly History 3)

Summer Theory

Theory courses will be an intensive program to prepare for exams on August 10 &11, 2018. Classes held in studio 12D, Beckett School at Laurier, 190 Lester Street, Waterloo,

Each course includes weekly classes; review of previous levels, daily review, and practice exams. Students should expect a moderate amount of homework.  You will need Celebration Theory - Level ARCT History for this class.  All other information about required materials will be given at time of registration.

RCM Examination

It is the student's responsibility to register online at examinations.rcmusic.ca before the registration deadline on June 1, 2018.  Please use teacher #33532 for Robert Aszmies.

Term Description: 

Classes begin week of July 2 and finish by August 9.  There will be two 2.5 hour classes per week.

Class time will be arranged to accomodate everyone's schedule. 

Call or text Robert Aszmies, 519 500-0769 or email randsaszmies@hotmail.com.

Click here for Summer Theory Registration Form. 

All ages.
Studio 12D
190 Lester Street
Phone: 519 578-3640