2018 Private Theory Instruction - Theory (levels 1-8), Harmony, Harmony & Counterpoint, History, Analysis & Composition

Summer Theory

Private instruction is offered for all classes based on instructor availability.

Summer session course upgrades available for university theory courses.  Summer tutoring can help you complete our prerequisite courses and give you a head start on your fall theory program.

Also available:   Harmony and Counterpoint - Level ARCT (prerequisite Level 9 - Harmony and Level 10 Harmony & Counterpoint), History - Level ARCT (prerequisite Level 9 & 10 History), Analysis - Level ARCT (prerequisite ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint), Composition.

Term Description: 

Please call or text Robert Aszmies, 519 500-0769 or email randsaszmies@hotmail.com to arrange lessons.  

To register, you can click here to download a registration form, call 519 578-3640, or email beckettschool@wlu.ca.

all ages
Fee to be arranged with Robert Aszmies.
Beckett School at Laurier, Main Branch
190 Lester Street Studio 11D
Phone: 519 578-3640


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Beckett School Instructor Robert Aszmies Portrait. Robert Aszmies
8 weeks of 30 mins. ($236) 45 mins ($354) 60 mins. ($472)