Speech Arts and Drama


Communication is often the key to success. The ability to speak clearly and with confidence is important in business, in education and in leisure activities. At The Beckett School, students of all ages learn to express themselves in seminars and job interviews, to make public presentation or to perform on the stage or audition for a dramatic role. Lessons are designed to assist individuals in reaching realistic objectives.

Repertoire:  Repertoire includes poetry, prose and drama from classical and modern literature suitale for the age and interests of the students.

Lessons in Speech Arts

When you rise to speak to a group, does your throat go dry and your knees go limp?  Lessons in Speech Arts, including relaxation, proper breathing and projection, foster self confidence which facilitates oral communication at school, in meetings, seminars or for examinations.

Group Work: 

in creative drama for ages 9 - 10, 11-13, etc.

Readers Theatre: 

Collective creation of original scripts in Readers Theatre style.


Lessons are designed to assit each individual in reaching realistic objectives as follows:  Effective speaking skills for business, education or leisure activities with emphasis on voice projection, resonance and clear expression. Preparation for competition in Speech Arts classes in festivals.  Categories may include verse speaking, original compositions, public speaking, sotry telling, Bible reading, modern drama, Shakespearean drama, Improvisation and Readers Theatre. Optional preparation for Speech and Drama examinations leading to Associate, Licentiate and Fellowsip Diplomas (teacher or performer).  Diplomas are granted by Trinity College, London, England.

Term Description: 

Rates available on request.

2 terms, 12 lessons each term