The flute is classed as part of the woodwind family although the sound is produced in roughly the same manner as an organ pipe.   This means the airstream splits over the back edge of the embouchure hole producing a sound that can be very mellow in the low register and more piercing in the upper register.  The flute often plays slow beautiful haunting melodies but is equally  capable of playing with virtuosic speed that can dazzle and amaze the listener.


Term Description: 

The school year consists of 36 lessons divided into four nine-week terms (unless otherwise indicated). Fees for each term for private lessons of 30/45/60 minutes are listed below:


Namesort ascending
Beckett School Instructor Greg Stroh. Greg Stroh
9 weeks of 30 mins. ($261) 45 mins. ($392) 60 mins. ($522)