BSL Kiwanis Festival Winners 2017

Congratulations to:  

Ethan Jeon (cello) and his teacher Mark Norris - received at 2nd at Provincials on May 27th. 

Naomi Sabo (1st), Alyssa Sabo (3rd), Maddie Park (3rd) and John Waterfield (2nd & 2nd) and their teacher Shannon Rutherford (piano).

Kanie Ghaderi and her teacher Christine Klaver Schmidt (piano).

Damien Jevremovic (2nd) and his teacher Elizabeth Norris (piano). 

Tabitha Wong (1st), Marja-Leena Kiik (1st), Bryson Cheng (2nd), Tabitha Wong (3rd), Marja-Leena Kiik (3rd) Bryson
Cheng (3rd) and their teacher Corinne Dutton (piano). 

Scholarship winners Anne Song, Aftab Jamal and Katarina Nieminen (level 9 strings provincial delegate) and their teacher Julia Dixon (violin).

Scholarship and Provincials delegate (level 7) Ethan Jeon, and scholarship winners Yitong Wan and Bethany Meerstra (Elmira) and their teacher Mark Norris (cello).  

Scholarship and Provincial delegate (level 6) Maya Wilson, Ella Gonder (level 7), Nai Lee (level 8), Hope Schneider (level 10) and Elizabeth Sutherland (Diploma) and their teacher Catherine Gardner (voice). 





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